Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zero's numbers starting to drop

The latest Rasmussen poll has O's numbers at the lowest they've been, 52%-47%; Rasmussen's goofy, but somewhat useful "strongly approve/strongly disapprove" number is now at -3 (also the lowest it's been, or 33 strongly approve and 36 strongly disapprove); and Quinnipiac has a poll out today on Ohio, always a key state, showing Obama at under 50% (49) for the first time. Remember he took OH with over 52%.

To quote Rev. Wright, "the chickens have come home to rooooossssssttt." What to look for: that 33% strongly approve are the kool-aide drinkers and African-Americans. That number wouldn't change if Obama stood on a platform in Jerusalem and said, "I am the Anti-Christ. Now let's go to Babylon!" George W. Bush simply did not enjoy that same race-based frothing support, or, to put it another way, his supporters actually evaluated what Bush did and they didn't always like it.

There was never a question in my mind that he would fall into negative territory. The issue has always been, "How far would he go to destroy the country before he got there?" I think we see the answer, namely, "a long, long way." This is why the Dems are moving so ridiculously fast on "cap and trade," health care, and soon, immigration reform (i.e., amnesty). The longer any of the takes, and the more people actually examine the policies, the less they like them. And the less they like his policies, the more likely they are to start to take a second look at the man. (I know: "The Man, the Messiah").


  1. Larry, I like the use of "Zero." With apologies I may appropriate it on blogs, listserves, etc.
    I think you are right about this. The same phenomenon in happening on the Gallup Poll. "Zero" is losing independents and waking up sleepy conservatives. Interestingly enough, Gallup just released a poll that showed from 2004 through 2009 Americans got more conservative, yes that's right, more CONSERVATIVE, on a whole range of issues, including abortion. My conclusion is that conservative candidates can win, not middle-of-th-road, phony "conservatives" of the type we have seen way too many of in the Buckeye state. BTW, the middle of the road is where you get run over isn't it? But I digress.