Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Poster, More on the Certificate, and Health non-Care

First, I had a great time in Atlanta with the Southeast Homeschool Association parents and kids. Thanks for your support of Patriot's History of the United States.

Second, just before I left, Kelly Emick on this list sent me the following link


which shows New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady on a jet, and in his lap is . . . A Patriot's History of the United States! I know, it's hard to see, but some friends have blown this up, and my fine artist pal, Barney Geary, has promised to shoot me another version that makes the title clear. How cool. Of course, as a Cowboy fan, I would have wished it was Tony Romo, but I'll take it!

Third, there is the "Joker"/Obama poster going around. Wow. Rush Limbaugh said we'd know we were starting to win when it no longer was "cool" to support this bozo, and the phenomenal popularity of posters like this tell me we are very, very close. And it fits: in "The Dark Knight," the Joker, as the butler Alfred said, "just like to watch things burn." He loves chaos, because it makes him more powerful. Obviously, however, "the people" are starting to get the message about this Joker. We see the town halls erupting---one I saw this morning from (I think) Green Bay, Wisconsin, was full of OLD PEOPLE. These are typically Dem voters. So slowly, the Dems are losing both ends
of the voter spectrum. Moreover, this is the kind of image that completely defines and re-defines the public persona so carefully crafted over the last four or five years by the Obamanistas.

Fourth, an update on the birth certificate issue: I am now leaning to thinking Obama was in fact born in Hawaii. I base this on a) the Hawaiian official, Fukino, who has seen the certificate (yes, the "long certificate") and said it was authentic and that Obama was a citizen. Now, I admit you can wordsmith Fukino's comments and somehow probably claim that it said something else, but I don't think so because b) there is a birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser in August 1961, which would be hard to fake and impossible to think, back then, that it would be needed. It is true that that announcement has the wrong address on it! Still, taken with Fukino's statement, I'll for the moment concede that Zero was born here.

All that is irrelevant because it is merely a symptom of the arrogance of this bunch that Obama will not produce any documents---his birth certificate, his Occidental College records, his Harvard records, his health records, or much else. What happened to "transparency?" There never was any, as we know. So I'll stipulate that Obama is a natural born American if the Obamanistas will concede that he has done everything in his power to cover up or obscure EVERY other document.

Finally, the Health (non-) Care debacle rolls on, despite growing and heated opposition everywhere. I watched the youtubes of the Green Bay forum, the Pennsylvania town meeting, and heard the New York congressman facing his critics, and two things are clear: 1) a slim majority of the public really, really, really don't want this and a much larger majority are becoming uneasy; and 2) the Dems simply don't care. They are going to give it to you, whether you want it or not, because it's not about health care, it's about locking in a generation of voters and putting into place a system that will be damn near impossible to unravel or repeal. It's the legislative equivalent of begging forgiveness rather than asking permission, and don't think for one second these people will ask your permission for anything.

My prediction is that unless these meetings get so numerous that they can't be avoided by the congressmen, so loud and angry that they can't be ignored, and in some way force themselves on the media, we are going to get universal health non-care. Again, it's not about health care, it's about erecting a bureaucracy that can't be repealed, destroyed, or rescinded. It's the equivalent of creating the Income Tax and the IRS in 1913. I plan to speak, to write, to march or whatever, but I am not optimistic because our opinions---even the opinions of their own Democrat voters---are irrelevant. Their goal isn't reelection, it's permanent quasi-dictatorship. I know that's tough to hear, here in America because we just don't DO that here . . . do we?


  1. Yes, we do that here. I agree with you that the Statists are about to make what amounts to their final power grab in America. They will erect a permanent bureaucracy with the power to make regulations about just about everything. They will do so with the active complicity of a Leftist and oligarchical news media which will cheerlead the Statists and thereby keep the body politic anesthetized until the whole rigid structure is in place.

    As you say, it will be very difficult to undo this Statist structure once it is in place. But we must prepare to do so, unless the people somehow can be roused now.

    Fortunately, there is some evidence that the people are, in fact, becoming roused. Some are beginning to see that Obama is not some post-partisan "moderate" but is instead a vicious Statist with a dangerous, un-free agenda.

  2. I've been out of town (Cincinnati) but apparently US Rep Steve Driehaus (D-Cincinnati) got an earful from citizens at a town hall meeting this week. An organization called COAST sent me an email that gave the inside "scoop" on the unsuccessful ways Driehaus tried to repress criticism. Google COAST and Driehaus and hopefully you will find this story. The Cincinnati Enquirer ran a "sanitized" version of the event, leaving out Driehaus' weak efforts at the event.

  3. You don't need to google to get the details on the meeting. Here's a link to the Hot Air Blog, including some You Tube footage:


  4. With the help of the media, our so called leaders are avoiding the anger of the voters by claiming we the people are tools of the conservative double super secret fringe. Yes, the anger "fake"...That is what they want the average American to believe. Congress has no fear of the voter. Obama has no fear of the next election. After all, all the liberal forces are still out there and still in charge. Acorn which is the biggest and most powerful socialist tool is receieving huge amounts of tax dollars(billions) from their beloved leader. With dead people voting and voting often, with black panthers displaying weapons and blocking voting polls, and the media as obama's yes men,we might never see another true and honest election.

  5. I have never seen the media as one-sided in its reporting as has been the case over the past year as regards Obama. It is still largely cheerleading his Leftist objectives, but there are signs that this monolithic reporting is developing cracks. I am somewhat encouraged by what seems to be a genuine grass-roots rejection of the Obama agenda.

    I agree with Larry that America is at a crossroads, and we are in grave danger of erecting a Statist structure that will vastly inhibit liberty in this country. This structure will be extremely difficult to remove even if we elect another Reagan-type pro-liberty leader in the future.

    Perhaps if President Reagan had not had to be preoccupied with winning the Cold War (which he did) he could have rolled back such anti-freedom institutions such as the income tax, welfare, and the Department of Education.

  6. It is interesting to me that the party of slavery and socialism is pushing a one-payer system by redirecting focus away from facts. The democratic party was created by Martin Van Buren in the early 1800's with a mission to continue the denial and cover-up of slavery in America. He began by purchasing newspapers and starting new ones with the objective of suppressing public discussion of slavery. He supplemented this tactic by awarding government jobs to supporters. At the time there was a general agreement that small government was best, however, Van Buren's tactic was a catch 22. The more supporters, the more government jobs. Well, guess what. A one-payer system is the continuation of Van Buren's tactic. A government run one-payer system will drive for-profits out of business leaving government to fill the void. More government jobs, more supporters, more of the same. Once entrenched, we will not be able to return to the best health care system in the world.

    What I fear most is that these tactics have worked in the past. Since the "New Deal" the group of mindless lemmings with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement has grown to almost half of our voting base. When these voters realize they can take money out of the pockets of others by supporting the thugs in the District of Corruption, we will be finished as a free country.