Thursday, August 6, 2009

Grim Thought

For those of you (us) deeply involved in the Tea Parties and attempting to contact representatives about the health (non) care bill, well, I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but I had a very troubling thought:

They aren't going to listen to you. They don't care. Obama has likely made side deals with any "blue dogs" who are in vulnerable seats to ensure them government jobs if they get voted out. But regardless, Obama/Rahm Emmanuel view a loss of 30-40 seats next year as "acceptable casualties." Their goal is to put in place a "doosmday machine" that would require supermajorities of committed conservatives in the House AND Senate to dismantle. They are counting on the fact that it will be extremely difficult to ever amass such majorities.

So you don't matter. All your marching, protesting, calling, faxing, e-mailing, which is noble and commendable and in a "normal" democracy would be effective, is not going to work on this bunch. That came to me when I tried to call BOTH my senators, one Republican and one Dem, over cap and trade. Neither even had a human that would take a call: both went to voice mail that I'm sure was purged at 5:00.

This is made much, much worse by a lapdog media that is every bit as bad as the old Soviet propaganda arms, Izvestia and Pravda. Town halls? We have already seen that the Dems are moving to "controlled" settings with "submitted" questions so they don't have to even take a question they don't want, much less listen to your voice.

This is serious, serious stuff.

Marching? You would have to literally shut down Washington. It can be done, but it's tricky. I think you have to have a "planned" non-planned event, without parade or speaking permits, where 4-5 million people absolutely bring that city to a standstill. People should drive "clunkers" there and when the traffic clogs, get out and walk away. You can claim later you feared for your safety. Imagine what would happen if even 2,000 clunkers were abandoned in the roads around D.C.? The Congresscritters would be stuck! Not all of them have helos. They'd HAVE to see the crowds, deal with them in some way. So would the media. Don't have "planned speeches." Just mill around, "looking at the sights," and maybe gather when someone starts to speak :)

But we may even be beyond this kind of action. Obama is counting on the fact that once this is in place, he has three years to ride it out. So he loses 40 members of the House and 4-5 senators? There won't be enough to unravel this ball of confusion.

The Joker poster is looking more accurate all the time.


  1. Larry, your analysis may well be right in terms of the radicals being willing to lose a lot of seats. Still, I'm going to keep fighting this. I plan to walk into Voinovich, Brown, and Driehaus's offices with a brief, to-the-point letter for each. It is hard to dismiss a real flesh-and-blood person as "astroturf."

  2. If we can't stop our "leaders" by voicing our opinions now and at the polls then we have a much more serious issue to deal with. I fear for this country's future if the alternatives are taken to the front. It will be interesting to see 5 million bodies in the Distric of Corruption. What a sight. There is a gathering on September 12th in DC. We'll see.

  3. You have a good point. No matter how hard or loud we demand to be heard, they refuse to listen. As of the next election, I'm not sure that are votes will be counted. Why? Because all the forces that put Obama and company in charge are still out there. Acorn just received billions of tax payer money making them that more powerful. Unions are forcing non-members with the help of Obama with threats and violence. And there are the dead people who will again cast their vote and those who vote multiple times. Plus let's not forget the thugs standing in front of the polls with clubs.
    I'm not sure that we will have another honest and true election ever again.

  4. I do not think that we are yet at the point where elections do not matter. We can take back the Congress in 2010 if people get mad enough. The recent polls showing the GOP leading the generic ballot, and the angry citizens at the town hall meetings, all point to a seismic election in 2010. I think that we can do it.

    Very shortly I am hopeful that the American people will have a profound sense of buyer's remorse regarding this joker in the White House together with the Pelosi-Reid Congress.

    Roger J.Buffington

  5. You met my husband at the Atlanta Homeschool expo. He uses your textbook in our survey courses. I am so very concerned about the state of affairs. Please, if you have time, see my blogspot blog on Thomas Paine;
    Janis Justus

  6. Deep down, I fear you are right. Regardless, we just made six signs for a protest tomorrow and will show up with our two children.

  7. Thought you'd like this, Larry, if you haven't already seen it.

  8. For those of you who are attending Town Halls and giving your Congress-critters a clear view of the ire with which conservatives view this health care obamination, Thank You!!

  9. Hey man, the Joker was an Anarchist (with Capitalist leanings) not a Socialist. Try to keep the context, even if your argument is as unsound as the Joker's sanity. I'm happy y'all are getting better at the satire. With work you may come up with a good argument someday.

  10. Essentially, all socialism is anarchism, because without virtue there can be no true order; and socialism is incapable of virtue because it is based on the non-Biblical principle of "take, and it shall be given unto you." But the fact that this poster gets you so worked up tells me . . . it's WORKIN'!

  11. Larry, anybody who cares to take the time to read history (say, Barbara Tuchman's "The Proud Tower" or any review of the rise of Marxism in Russia) knows that anarchism and socialism are quite closely associated. I'm not sure what the Joker's political philosophy was, but I know it could not have been anarchism mixed with capitalism, because the are like oil and water. Anarchists and socialists have always been given to violence and rabid anti-theism.