Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Scorecard

Keep in mind my post last week that "they might not care"---that one reason so many Dems are ducking the town meetings, stacking them with union thugs, pre-admitting supporters, and all the other little commie tricks they use is an indicator that they plan to pass this no matter what. (FWIW, I ran that thought by Jim Geraghty of National Review Online, and he shared the same apprehension).

Nevertheless, it is absolutely clear that the American public does not want health non-care, and they actually like their insurance companies, and that the Dems are coming apart at the seams over this. Here is the scorecard as of this morning:

*In the Delaware Senate, a Republican took a seat held by a Democrat for 70 years.

*In FL, a House seat, held by a Republican, saw the Republican re-elected.

*Nevada polling shows Dingy Harry Reid running a full six points behind the state GOP chairwoman (whom I had never heard of). That is not a good sign for any incumbent, particularly the Majority Leader.

*Barbara Boxer is polling in the mid- to low-40s in California. This is often "Lucy" pulling away the football, but is something to watch: if well-known Dems in this overwhelmingly Dem state are struggling, it should tell us something.

*Obama is below 50% in two key states he carried in 2008, Ohio and Virginia---lower in the Old Dominion than in Ohio. But the trend is the same. People ain't happy. And early polling shows Dem. Governor Ted Strickland, who was bulletproof a year ago, slipping. Although George Voinovich is retiring (thank God), the little known Rob Portman, according to insiders is polling very well for his replacement. That would be a net conservative gain, not just a Republican "hold."

*In both Virginia and New Jersey, the GOP governor candidates have significant leads over the Dems and in VA, the Dem is absolutely tanking.

*Today's Rasmussen poll has opposition to a single-payer plan up to 57%, and support down to 32%, or essentially the core Democrat base who will almost never abandon Obama.

*On the same poll, Rasmussen, who has made a mini-reputation out of a new "approval index" that measures the "strongly approve/strongly disapprove" I think misses the forest for the trees: the real approve/disapprove now is a stunning 48-52%, or the exact opposite of the election results! This is a president whose disapproval was only 29% when he took office---a 23-point swing in some 200 days!

*You might claim that Rasmussen is a "conservative" pollster (he was pretty good in 2008), but Gallup's numbers are falling too, only a few points above Ras's. In short, the Messiah's popularity is collapsing faster than NBC's ratings. The latest Quinnipiac poll has O's number in New Jersey (!) down to only 56%
*Some other good news: Dem. Senator Arlen Specter has now said the protests are not "representative of America." Yes, this is good news. People are NOT going to tolerate this kind of arrogance and it helps ensure his defeat. Ditto on Missouri's Claire McCaskill.

*The AARPies aren't even behind this bill, and Obama is rapidly losing the geezers. In fact, one poll I saw showed opposition among the over-60s was at an astonishing 67%, and the only group supporting the bill was the 20-30 age group, which stands to reason, as they won't be a) paying any of the bills or b) generally have as many health problems. But if Obama can't get the AARPies fully on board, he's in heap big trouble.

*And, the coup de grace, the "snitch" web site has completely backfired. Thousands of people have eagerly and voluntarily "turned themselves in" (you should all do the same and shut the darn thing down), and Obama had to backtrack yesterday.

Is it all enough to stop this Obamination of a bill? I don't know, but we are closer than we were a week ago.


  1. Sadly, we will get this bill passed no matter what we want. Get ready for it. Congress does not care a whit what the people want.

  2. I agree that the Statists in the Congress, House and Senate both, by and large do not care at all what the people want. They do not respect the people. This is very much evidenced by the contempt that they show for the genuine grass-roots protest movement that has shown up at the Town Halls.

    They do not respect us. But they fear us. We still have real elections in this country, and the Statists fear nothing more than the loss of their own power. The Town Hall protests have to have scared the Statists badly, and I don't know but what we can expect them to come back in September and beat a hasty retreat.

    I admit that I am being an optimist, but it does no good to give up at this point.

  3. When the Conservatives and Constitutionalists take back the House and Senate in '10 I hope the leasons learned this year ring fresh and remain permanently embedded in their minds. The realization of who they work for and what Freedom truly means lies in the balance.

  4. It seems that we have to elect a far-Leftist every 25 years or so, say once per generation, to remind the electorate what a bad idea this is. It happened with Carter in 1976 with predictable and disastrous results, and here we are again. At least this time we don't have a Panama Canal to lose, or a Cold War to almost lose. We will probably end up with a nuclear Iran and a monstrous national debt before we get rid of Barack Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.

    The signs are encouraging. Conservative and right-of-center voters are truly fired up right now. The Leftists are wildly overplaying their hands and they are reminding everyone why you don't give these people control of the Government. If this continues to 2010 I think that we can look for a seismic election.

    "why do you continue to support a nazi policy, as obama expressly has...?"
    I support stopping these horrid bills by almost any means possible, but for the love of all that is holy, why do people make statements like this? Not only does it give whoever you're directing it at some great ammo to just dismiss you out of hand, but anyone listening whose mind you might change will immediately tune out.
    Stick to the facts (ones that don't make you look crazy) and leave the sensationalizing crap to the dems, please.

  6. Actually, I see tremendous similarities between Obama's program and that of the Nazis in 1932-35---PRE-HOLOCAUST. The Nazis began a euthanasia program long before they began killing Jews: in fact, it provided the administrative machinery for the Jew-destruction. O's plan would simply kill different groups, by medical affliction, not race.

  7. I didn't say it wasn't true or anything, just that it makes for a bad argument.